The Thing 2011

I like John Carpenters 1982 version of the Thing, it is probably one of the most scary horror movies I have ever seen. After hearing of this prequel I really didn´t have high expectations for it, and boy was I right. This movie tries to be as intense and scary as the 82 version by copying some scenes and plots. The visual effects are ok, but you don´t get scared. If you have seen Carpenters version you already have a clue of whats going to happen next, and thats probably one of the biggest problems with the movie. It struggles to keep up with the older version and fails to the end. On of the reasons why I saw it, was because of the potrayal of the norwegian characters by real norwegian actors. I´m also norwegian so it was quite interesting to watch the norwegian dialouge troughout the movie, having said that, it is probably the only thing this version is better at than the one from 1982.

Score: 6/10