Interstellar 2014

Stillbilde fra Interstellar

Interstellar is Christopher Nolans second science fiction-movie and one of the most anticipated movie this year. After waiting over a year for this movie I can simply say that it was worth the wait. Accompanied with the unique and wonderful music by Hans Zimmer, outstanding visual effects, gorgeous cinematography from Hoyte Van Hoytema, well done performances by the cast, both twists and plenty of mindfuck, this is surely amongst the best movies this year (so far). It is so good to see a movie that is not depended on heavily use of CGI-effects to drive the story and with effects in this movie that is without greenscreen, it feels much moore natural and real than for example last years Gravity. I believe and hope Interstellar will get the nominations and awards that it deserves, and maybe it will be the first science fiction-movie to win best picture (I hope).

Score: 10/10