The Thomas Crown Affair 1968


After watching the new version of “The Thomas Crown Affair” from 1999 with Pierce Brosnan, I decided to just as easy watch the original one with Steve McQueen from 1968. While the new one focused more on the female counterpart and was se around a heist involving a painting, the old one is focused on Thomas Crown himself, wonderfully portrayed by the everlasting cool guy Steve McQueen. While the new version felt a bit slow and uninterested at times, the old one is a bit more interested, mainly because McQueen has the charisma that Brosnan lacks and manage to give every scene a layer of coolness. Faye Dunaway creates a worthy counterpart to McQueens Thomas Crown, but her story becomes just a secondary priority in this movie. Therefore the movie can also seem a little slow at times but manage to become more interesting than the remake. A shout goes out to the catchy main song of the film, “The Windmills of Your Mind”, which took home the oscar for best original song.

Score: 7/10