Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 2015


This is truly one of the worst movies this year so far. The first Paul Blart movie had a few funny scenes but this movie is not on the same garbage-level as Grown Ups 2, but far away from a funny movie. I don’t think I laughed once throughout the runtime. The jokes are poor written and I feel that Kevin James, who also co-wrote the movie is certainly being quite “lazy” in his performance. Relying on fat-jokes and ignorance will maybe make a 5-year old kid laugh, but not me. I want a little more quality-written comedy. But when you choose to show an unnecessary fight-scene between Paul Blart and a bird, and an akward hugging scene with a lost child at the mall, it’s no suprise that this movie ends up feeling like a piece of fresh shit combined with a glass containing approximately 70% of piss.

Score: 3/10