Furious 7 2015

vlcsnap-2015-07-18-23h44m26s947This is the seventh fast & furious-movie (If you can’t tell by the title), and by now it feels like they are stretching it. James Wan is replacing Justin Lin as director, but he doesn’t give us anything special or quite new that we haven’t seen before. The movie tries to serve us an interesting plot but it ends up becoming to chaotic and a little boring. Nice to see Jason Statham joining and as always is Tony Jaa quite entertaining with his acrobatic martial arts-style, but I felt that they were underused, as well as the Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, which in this movie feels like a secondary character, which is a shame because he made the fast & furious-movies interesting again when he joined Fast Five (2011). Again some of the stunts are quite improbable and ends up feeling a little dull. The movie is a bit too long and a some scenes are to dependent on CGI. Since this movie has earned over 1,5 billion dollars worldwide, it will likely not be the last movie in this franchise. But they need to make a few changes to make the fast & furious-movies more interesting, otherwise it will end up like Transformers, meaningless and boring action-movies.

Score: 6/10