The Martian 2015

5851Ridley Scott is back in cinemas. Now with The Martian which is based on the novel with the same name by Andy Weir from 2011. The film follows Mark Watney, played by Matt Damon, an astronaut which is stranded on Mars by his crew and is forced to survive until he can contact NASA and they can send for help. We are immediately thrown into the action and a good portion of the movie centers on Watney and his fight to survive, which is certainly the most interesting place to be, but this is too often interrupted by sometimes boring talking-scenes back at NASA and the ongoing difficulty it brings to get contact with Watney and to bring him safe home. This makes the movie feels too long and should have been shortened. The movie is not directly boring, but overall it does not hold up to Ridley Scotts previously classics like, Alien (1979), Blade Runner (1982) and Gladiator (2000). The visual effects are absolutely stunning and this movie is a must i 3D. Matt Damon really surprised me, managed to give the best performance of all the cast and made the movie overall watchable.

Score: 7/10