Fant4stic 2015

vlcsnap-2015-10-29-03h03m39s221This is the fourth live-action Fantastic Four movie based on the marvel-comic and is one of the worst superhero-movies I’ve seen lately. Conflict on set between the director (Josh Trank) and the studio led to a massive reshoot of several scenes of the movie and some pretty bad wig-shots with Kata Mara. The whole movie is building up to a climax that really disappoint and manages to become boring and dull. Decent visual effects and some mediocre acting from some pretty good actors but does not have much do play with. After been cut down to a slimming 100 minutes and the removal of 3 action scenes the movie feels empty and unfinished. Overall this was a disappointing movie, earning only 167 million dollars of its budget of 120 million this was certainly not a success and we will most likely never see Josh Tranks cut for the movie.  Lets hope they manage to do something better for the sequel.


Score: 3/10