Enter the Void 2009

vlcsnap-2015-11-26-23h51m23s061Enter the Void is the first movie I’ve seen from Gaspar Noé. The film follows a U.S drug dealer living in Tokyo. He is then shot and killed by the Japanese police and his soul leaves his body and travels trough the city seeking some kind of redemption. The running time is a whopping 161 minutes, which is way, way,way too long. I feel like Noé could have told  the same story in a much more effective way than he did. Shifting from different perspective in this movie felt sometimes a little forced  and the camera-movement of the spirit became boring and overused after a short time when I could guess where he would go. I will say that the opening credit scene is pretty cool and the overall effects in the movie is well done, but it is a disappointment when the movie drags too much, tries to become to artsy and fails to keep the viewer interested throughout the runtime of the movie.


Score:  3/10