The Peanuts Movie 2015


The Peanuts movie is a charming film which can be viewed both by children and adults. For those who grew up with The Peanuts when their were young and watched it on the television (as I did), this is a most welcome comeback for these colorful characters, specially on the big screen. Animated by Blue Sky Studios (Ice Age-series and Rio and Rio 2), the animation is colorful and very fitting to the Peanuts-universe. A fairly interesting story for the movie when we follow Charlie Brown and his quest to impress the new Girl in the class.Snoopy steals almost every scene he’s in and he has his own internal imaginary fight with the legendary Red Baron and tries to rescue the love of his life. I really enjoyed this movie and I ended up smiling and laughing out quite some times. A really solid Peanuts-movie!

Score: 9/10