Zoolander 2 2016


I don’t think anyone asked for this sequel and to be frank, we don’t really need it either. 15 years is way too late for a sequel and this one does not bring any new relevant to the Zoolander character. We are supposed to care how he is not relevant in today’s fashion-world and then his son is kidnapped by Mugatu who is criminally underused in this movie and now we are forces to watch a rescue-mission to get Zoolanders son back. This is basically the plot of the movie. It’s too simple, the jokes are poorly made, some weird small part-roles from Benedict Cumberbatch, Billy Zane, Sting and Kiefer Sutherland is a little funny but the movie as a whole falls short in comparing to the original from 2001. This movie reminded me of Dumb and Dumber To from 2014, a little funnier but still a pretty crappy movie.

Score: 3/10