The VVitch 2015


Robert Eggers directorial debut The VVitch, is a quite suspenseful and creepy horror movie set in New England in the 1630s. A family of seven is forced to leave their puritan community and builds a farm near a forrest. Strange things begin to happen when the youngest infant of the family, a baby named Samuel is mysteriously taken. Shortly after a black goat appears and the family believes that dark forces has taken root in the family. Sure there at some pretty creepy scenes in the movie, but this is not a typical horror movie. This movie delivers its most effective scares trough what we as viewers don’t actually see on-screen, as well as the creepy feeling and atmosphere that is recurrent throughout the movie combined with a haunting score. This movie feels very much like a period-piece because of the old-english language that is used and is performed by a well acted cast, especially Ralph Ineson who plays the father and Anya Taylor-Joy who plays the oldest daughter. It takes a bit before the story becomes interesting and there are some scenes which are a bit long, but eventually the story begins and it pays off.

Score: 8/10