Eddie the Eagle 2016

vlcsnap-2016-06-01-01h30m22s011If you’re looking for a  truly accurate biopic about Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards, you won’t find it here. According to Eddie himself, about 5% of the story is actually true. But you will find a quite charming and feel-good movie that capture the spirit of this extraordinary athlete from Great Britain. Taron Egerton plays Eddie the Eagle and is coached by Bronson Peary, played by Hugh Jackman. We follow Eddie’s struggle to qualifiy to the 1988 Olympic Games in Calgary, and his ultimately victory for himself. Apart from some horrendous bad CGI-effects when Eddie falls after attempting to jump in the 70m- and 90m hill and a few halts in some scenes in regards to the story the story, the movie is quite entertaining and will certainly make you smile.

Score: 7/10