The Others 2001

vlcsnap-2016-11-02-01h38m53s959The Others is a very well made horror movie from Alejandro Amenábar. Starring Nicole Kidman as a single mother of two looking for some new servants to help in their large house. But right from the start of the movie somethings off. The last servants disappeared suddenly, Kidmans character begin to hear suspicious noises and the eldest of the children is having contact with a boy named victor which only she can see. Things really starts to become creepy when some new servants suddenly appears and offer the help. This movie fouls you in the start and manages to foul you at the end also. Even if you see the twist before the end, it is executed quite well. Nicole Kidman does a very good performance in this movie and this is probably my second best Kidman-movie, of course after Paddington. Thanks to Kristoffer for recommending me this movie!

Score: 8/10