Dunkirk 2017

Dunkirk is a gripping and intense take on the evacuation of 400 000 allied soldiers from Belgium, France and the British Empire from the north beach in France, Dunkirk. This is Christopher Nolan’s first war-movie, but it’s certainly not a traditionally war movie. Nolan has opted for a more emotional-driven story with few dialogue and more action and events to propel the story forward. By not knowing where the characters come from you’ll get a more real experience of the different attacks and tense situations that occur during the 1 hour and 46 minutes of the movies runtime. With three different viewpoints with different timeframes; by land (one week), by sea (one day) and by air (one hour), the story is interesting and creatively put together and forms into one in the end, so we as viewers never really get too bored. Maybe there are a few scenes that drags out a bit, but solid performances from the cast, beautifully shot by Hoyte van Hoytema, an intense score by Hans Zimmer and masterful direction by the one and only Christopher Nolan makes up for this and in the end turns out to be a very great movie indeed.

Score: 9/10