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The African Queen 1951

The African Queen is another classic from John Huston. I had watched a few movies with Bogart before, but this may be my favourite Bogart-performance. He simply steals the show, even though Hepburn… Continue reading

Anatomy of a Murder 1959

It is such a delight to see James Stewart when he is at his best. He gives an atmosphere and a special presence that is hard to describe, it just works. I have… Continue reading

High Noon 1952

This is a very interesting and very good suspense western-movie. ItĀ“s not one of the normal western, when we have many shootouts and several small climax-scenes, because in High Noon the nice trick… Continue reading

The Killing 1956

Stanley Kubrick did not make so many movies, but the ones he made was really good and this is no exception. This is a very well shot film-noir with a creative and smart… Continue reading