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The Others 2001

The Others is a very well made horror movie from Alejandro Amenábar. Starring Nicole Kidman as a single mother of two looking for some new servants to help in their large house. But… Continue reading

The VVitch 2015

Robert Eggers directorial debut The VVitch, is a quite suspenseful and creepy horror movie set in New England in the 1630s. A family of seven is forced to leave their puritan community and… Continue reading

The Awakening 2011

The Awakening is a very effective horror-movie from Nick Murphy. I had not heard of this movie before, but a friend of mine recommended this to me. The Awakening follows a ghost-hunter played… Continue reading

The Thing 2011

I like John Carpenters 1982 version of the Thing, it is probably one of the most scary horror movies I have ever seen. After hearing of this prequel I really didn´t have high… Continue reading